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Kaba Gaida - Type of bagpipe, low pitched, native for the Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria.
Suit - Sequence of few songs, gathered for convenience for group playing. Usually the first is slow, then follow 1 or 2 fast songs and 'sitnezhi' at the end.
Sitnezhi - Fast melodies, played with a lot of ornaments. Suitable for dancing.
Curve - Fragment that is usually used as a beginning of playing session. It is used by the player to check if the bagpipe is tuned.
Gaida - The Bulgarian word for bagpipe
'Even' tone - the basic tone of a bagpipe, e.g. the tone of the drone.

Bagpipe parts:
Piskun - Reed
Gaidunitsa/Geidenitsa - Chanter
Ruchilo/Bruchilo - Drone
Naduialka - Blow pipe
Miah/Meh - Bagpipe leather bag.
Glavina - The connection between the chanter/drone/blow pipe and the leather bag.