Friends! We finished our US tour with great success. This is our concert from the Millenium Stage in Washington. The project is funded by Programme "Culture", Sofia Municipality for 2016 year and by our Indiegogo campaign. Благодарим на всички за подкрепата. Продължаваме напред!

Programme "Culture", Sofia Municipality

30.07 - 05.08.2017 1 week kaba gaida workshop in the heart of the Rhodopes. ALL INCLUSIVE.

Learn and improve kaba gaida skills for all level students in Slow Tech Camp. The workshop include visit of the Gela Gaida Festival and local makers and pipers. ALL INCLUSIVE with delicious local food by traditional recipies.
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International Bagpipe Conference 2016 featured on Reporting Sc...

The International Bagpipe Conference with Kaynak Band, le Bourdon Collectief and the The National Piping Centre beautifully featured on Reporting Scotland.

Posted by International Bagpipe Organisation on Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Frontman, leads the project, play kaba gaida since 2005 year, teach, organizes workshops. Interested in #education #entrepreneurship #IT #FutureOfWork #SustainabeLiving


Principal kaba gaida teacher, plays since he was 10, winner of the International Bagpipe Competition Gela. Works in #arts, #animation #traditions


Leads Kaynak Pipers Band. Plays the gaida since 2005 year. Animator and artist. #art #traditions #animation