About us

Kostadin  Gerdzhikov and  Cvetelin Andreev are two friends, Kaba Gaida players willing to preserve and popularize one of the most beautiful music instruments - the Rhodopean Kaba Gaida.
1985 Kostadin Gerdzhikov was born in Smolyan, Bulgaria.
1996 Kostadin starts to play Kaba Gaida inspired from his cousin Nikolay Belyashki.
1997 - 2000 He plays in Youth Bagpipe Ensamble "Orfei", Smolyan where his teachers are Kostadin Iltchev and Todor Todorov
2001 - present Kostadin performs in the Gela's ensemnle 'Manol Radichev' together with Georgi Mihovski, Angel Gerzilov and Dimitar Uchikov. He participates in  national and international festivals: International Bagpipe Festival in Strakonice, Czech Republic; Sackpfeifen in Schwaben, Germany.
2011 Kostadin wins second place on the Bulgarian National Bagpipe Competition 'Gela 2011'
1984 Cvetelin Andreev was born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. 
1998 At the age of 14 he begins to play guitar and he gets strong knowledge of music theory. Cvetelin derives his passion about Bulgarian folklore from the musicians and dancers in his big family. 
2005 Cvetelin starts to play Kaba Gaida together with Kostadin in a Kaba Gaida ensemble in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since then together with Kostadin they perform on public events, weddings and concerts. In the ensemble Cvetelin gains his teaching experience as a teacher of bagpipe begginers.
2008 Cvetelin participates in the Bulgarian National Bagpipe Competition 'Gela 2008' and he gains a honored certificate.
2010 Cvetelin participates in the Danube Music Festival as a first price winner of the festival competition. He performs on Kaba Gaida with world-famous musicians like Carlos Nunes, Theodosii Spassov.